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I am a romantic and dreamy girl who is able to listen to people, to understand and to support them. I just adore poetry, detective stories. I like sport and various music. I can create a holiday atmosphere at home, to write verses and articles. I cannot live without chocolate, dances and aroma of lilies of the valley. I appreciate honesty, reliability, intelligence, fantasy and the sense of humor. First of all I would like to meet a self-confident personality who is able to understand a woman and to treat her like an equal partner in a relationship. It is desirable for him to love children and traveling. I would like to meet a man who likes to open up new horizons.

I am independent, self-confident, energetic and fascinating. I am a person of sanguine temperament, a great optimist, I have a positive world perception. Business-like character and diligence do not prevent me from being feminine and emotional. I adore doing everything with my own hands: sewing, conserving, driving a car, redecorating my home. I can and like to make my home cozy and comfortable. I have a country-house, I am a talented gardener, I grow flowers. Hobbies: travelling, learning English. In my free time I visit a swimming-pool (I used to be a master of sports on swimming), I like skiing, I prefer being outdoors to being in night clubs. According to my job I am diplomatic, concessive, ready to compromise if I’m not pressed or offended. I appreciate intelligence, independence, purposefulness, kindness. I have started to learn German.Necessarily: A man strong in all the senses who would not have complexes with me. Height from 170 cm, weight proportional. Socially successful, reliable, decent. Preferably: athletic, educated, not fanatical, not an invalid.

There are some reasons why people consider me to be extremely energetic, a little bit crazy and funny. Firs of all I like to lead active life, meet new people, get to know a lot of new and unknown things. My free time I spend at the disco clubs surrounding by big and noisy companies with pleasure. I am found of cars very much that is why my dream is to have my own one. My hobby is singing because it gives me much power even at sad days. Maybe that is why I can find myself in the center of attention. I am quite friendly and sociable. Sometimes my parents and friends say that I am unpredictable and self-confident. You may add that I am courage. I have already visited Germany but my dream is to see France, America and Italy. My beloved is well-developed, enthusiastic and communicative. He is full of joy and life. He can invent something unusual and pleasant. He is self-dependent.

They consider me to be optimistic, easygoing, with a sense of humor, open, self dependent, impulsive, energetic and determined. I live with my parents and my son. I have got a parrot at home. My son is keen on games and I work and create small programs in order to easy my work. I used to work as program engineer for three years. But the salary was very low and I had changed this job for another, now I am a brand manager in one of the companies in Kiev. I am selling strong drinks. At my spare time I love visiting places where I can enjoy communication. I like going to the concerts, to the theatre and cinema. But sometimes when I am tired on noise then I read books. I love reading. And I adore nature. My parents and grandparents were fishermen and I like fishing too. I can spend the whole day sitting with a fishing-rod. Also I like going to the forest to gather mushrooms. I like swimming and I prefer an active way of life at all. I have got a lot of friends who are always glad to see me. As for a future family life I would like both a husband and a wife to have equal rights and responsibilities. Also I would love my husband to be my support in this life. I will do my best to make our marriage strong, various and to create such surroundings which would always make you want to come back. I imagine him as a brave, noble, reliable, hardworking, open man with a sense of humor.

I am kind, cheerful, caring, gentle, affectionate, romantic, honest, purposeful and faithful. I like traveling and hiking. I enjoy sports, riding horses. I like reading, listening to music, walking on nature. I can play the flute. I like to swim, to cook good food, to take pictures, to dance, and to keep my house. I love children and animals. I love nature, being with my friends, my peaceful and cozy home. I adore flowers, soft toys, china dolls. I like the sun and warm weather and sometimes winter as well. I do not like dishonesty, smoking, misunderstanding and loneliness. I like when everything is in harmony. I would like to meet a kind, sporting, caring, tender and slim man. I would like him to be romantic, loyal, reliable, loving, sexual, passionate, intelligent, sociable, smart, and successful. I would like him to like culture and traveling.

I have been raised in an educated, aristocratic family. I’ve got 2 more sisters and all of us have artistic education. I have worked at different places during my life: I have worked both as a manager and as the agent at the unemployment center and dealt with the copier equipment. Everything depended on the life situation. I am a very responsible, demanding and hard-working person. But I have realized that a person should have he kind of job that appeals most to him, that’s why now I work at the school of the intellectual development for the children of 2,5 till 6 years old as a teacher of fine arts. I am a creative person and I can do much by my own hands. I am kind, calm, reserved, caring, dedicated, faithful by nature. I can’t bear arguments and loud scenes. I think that intelligent people should be capable of resolving all the problems reasonably and calmly. Now I know already the price of love and I am sure that once love exists in the house it will be followed by happiness, health, welfare and children’s laughter. Love is the greatest treasure given to people by God. I would enjoy being married and would like to have children. Among my interests are visiting arts exhibitions, concerts and theatres. I enjoy the company of interesting, educated people. Also I like funny companies. I am fond of dancing, traveling, I like candle lit dinners and picnics out in the nature, birds’ singing and the sounds of the sea. I like cats but I am indifferent to dogs. I would like my chosen one to be 32-45 years old and have a job connected with design or related to creative work. But this is not a must. I will be happy to help my husband in any other activity unless it is connected with agriculture, husbandry or machine-building. I want to have a real man by my side who will never betray in a hard moment, capable of loving and understanding. I want him to be a reliable support and ready to compromise for the sake of love. This person should be intelligent, educated, with a kind heart. Probably that sweet dream in which I met you will soon come true. You have looked into my eyes and said that we would never be apart because we are 2 halves of one unity…. Perhaps you are far from me but real and strong feelings can overcome all the obstacles and any distance. I understand you are waiting for me somewhere, you lack for my warmth and tenderness, care and love, understanding and attention. Just stretch out your hand and I will give you the best things I possess. We will meet and you will look into my eyes in order to say……

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